Donor Spotlight: Carol Hunter

Carol Hunter has been involved with Action in Africa for over 8 years. She was the President of our club at Chapman University, has visited our work in Uganda three times, and even volunteers her time in our DC office. Carol lives and breathes Action in Africa and we are so grateful that she is a part of this story. Carol talked with Action in Africa's Executive Director, Sarah Nininger, and told us all about why she loves AIA. Read the full interview below!

Carol Hunter Donor Spotlight.png

Sarah: How and when did you first hear about Action in Africa?

Carol: I first learned about Action in Africa as a freshman at Chapman University in 2010 while walking to campus when I saw a poster for the first meeting of the semester. I'm still grateful I chose to show up at that meeting without knowing anyone.

Sarah: There are so many organizations doing incredible things across the globe, why do you pick Action in Africa to give to?

Carol: I choose to give to Action in Africa because of it's intentionality. It stays on the smaller side to be able to focus. They employ Ugandans to run The Center enabling it to be community centered in a more impactful way. When things aren't working or they make a mistake, they own up to it and make a change. They are not a hand out service. The kiddos!!! I could go on. Suffice it to say: between being heavily involved at Chapman, being able to take three trips to Uganda and staying as personally connected as I can--I'll be around as long as AIA will have me!

Sarah: What is your favorite part of Action in Africa? 

Carol: I love The Center and how much it has grown!! It's absolutely incredible what it's turned into since I was there during its first month almost four years ago! Hearing the stories of how it's thriving make my heart so happy! And of course, the kiddos! They are the absolute best, especially my girl Cossy!

Sarah: Would you recommend Action in Africa to potential new donors?

Carol: I would absolutely recommend AIA to potential donors because I know that money is spent wisely in order to give the best impact. And all the reasons above!

Sarah: Is there anything else you want to add?

Carol: I'm so proud of Action of Africa!!!

Sarah: Thanks, Carol. In closing, please describe AIA in three words.

Carol: Accountable, empowering, fun! 

Special thanks to Carol for her unwavering commitment to Action in Africa.

This post is a part of Action in Africa's "Donor Spotlight" series which intends to educate people about our work in Uganda and invite them to join the story.

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