Meet and Greet- AIA's First Vocational Scholarship Recipient

John's b-day email.png

Meet Kyomuhendo John.
We want to introduce you to him, plus it is his birthday!

A few years ago, John joined Action in Africa as a volunteer and then quickly transitioned to an intern. Eventually, John became a programs assistant, where he served The Center as an art teacher. This past May, John was awarded Action in Africa's very first Vocational Scholarship to study Industrial Art and Design in Kampala. Even though his tuition is covered by AIA, he still has additional expenses such as rent, food, transportation, school supplies and more. To help offset these expenses, John creates beautiful paintings that Action in Africa sells for him. One of the greatest ways we can wish John a Happy Birthday is through promoting his artwork. By purchasing John's paintings, you are directly contributing to his tuition as well as his non-school related expenses. 

 The paintings are $30 each and come in a black frame. 
We only have 29 left, so hurry over to our website to shop now.

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