Donor Spotlight: Sarah Chiles

Sarah Chiles is from Aspen, Colorado and has been hearing about Action in Africa for most of her life. She was a part of the Action in Africa club at AHS, started the club at USC with last weeks Donor Spotlight, Ian Scott, and also visited us in Uganda. Sarah talked with AIA’s Executive Director, Sarah Nininger, and told us all about why she loves AIA. Read the full interview below!

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Sarah N: How and when did you first hear about Action in Africa?

Sarah C: I heard about Action in Africa when I was in eighth grade. The club was just getting its feet off of the ground at Aspen High School and came to recruit rising freshmen. From that day, I knew that I wanted to be involved.

Sarah N: There are so many organizations doing incredible things across the globe, why do you pick Action in Africa to give to?

Sarah C: I choose to donate to Action in Africa because I can see directly where my money is going. For instance, with 1Fundred, I know that my $10 is going directly towards 50 meals, which encourages me to stay involved with AIA and continue to support. Additionally, I receive frequent updates and enjoy watching the organization grow!

Sarah N: What is your favorite part of Action in Africa?

Sarah C: My favorite program is Women to Women. After visiting Uganda, I learned the value of having a support system and a safe space to share common experiences. I particularly enjoy the entrepreneurial opportunities within WtW that give them the independence and skillset to fulfill their dreams.

Sarah N: Would you recommend Action in Africa to potential new donors?

Sarah C: I would recommend Action in Africa to potential new donors because of the unique approach that AIA takes. Their zero-handouts policy has allowed them to create a symbiotic relationship with the residents of Nakuwadde, which transformed them into a real change agent.

Sarah N: How would you describe Action in Africa in three words?

Sarah C: Purposeful, driven, compassionate.

Sarah N: Thanks, Sarah. Is there anything else you want to add?

Sarah C: Action in Africa is run by incredibly passionate people who take an innovative approach to long-standing issues. Sarah, Maggie and the rest of the team are devoted to reshaping the traditional approach to philanthropy to create lasting change.

Special thanks to Sarah for her unwavering commitment to Action in Africa.

This post is a part of Action in Africa's "Donor Spotlight" series which intends to educate people about our work in Uganda and invite them to join the story.

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