A High School Perspective: Caroline Moriarty

With Summer quickly approaching, we are all busy at The Center making holiday preparations and anxiously awaiting the arrival of our summer visitors. For the past eight summers, Action in Africa has been lucky enough to host a group of students from Aspen High School. One particular student, Caroline Moriarty, raises the bar with her steadfast commitment to Action in Africa. Having served in Uganda last summer for a few weeks, she experienced first hand what life in Africa is like. We were lucky enough to catch up with her this past week and gain a fresh perspective about what it's like to be part of Action in Africa in high school.

Caroline- it's people like you that keep us going! Thank you so much for your continued support and love! We are so lucky to have you in the AIA family and can't wait for you to be back in Uganda this summer!

Describe Action in Africa (AIA) in one word: INSPIRATIONAL

1. How did you get involved with AIA? 

I got involved with AIA through the Aspen High School Club. AIA really stood out to me because a lot of my older friends were part of the organization, including my older brother.

2. What is your favorite program that AIA offers?

One of my absolute favorite programs at The Center is the after school program. It stands out to me because it gives the kids in the village a chance to come to The Center and do something they love, at a place where they feel safe and can always get help. I personally love arts and sports and find it really special that I get to share some of my favorite interests with the kids in Uganda. 

3. What are you most excited for when you come back to Uganda this summer? 

I am most excited to see all the kids and moms that I really made a connection with last summer. The kids that I got to know became like little sisters and brothers to me. I miss their beautiful smiles everyday!

4. Do you have any advice for someone that wants to travel to Uganda? 

My advice for anyone interested in traveling to Uganda would be to not think twice about it and JUST GO!  It's a life changing experience that I will never forget. I would not trade a second that I am lucky enough to spend in Uganda for anything else. Can it be July already?

5. Being in high school can be very time consuming. We know you are busy, since you are a varsity athlete and at the top of your class. How do you make time for AIA? 

Action in Africa is something I love and I am very passionate about. I do the best I can with my busy schedule to spend my free periods at school and the time that I am not busy doing anything else on Action in Africa.

6. How would you encourage other high school students to get involved with AIA or any other service endeavor? 

Aspen is such an amazing community that really values and understands the importance of service. I am very lucky to have the opportunity to travel to Uganda and be part of AIA because my school encourages it. I think it is a privlige to step out of your bubble and comfort zone and experience the rest of the world. You will meet some amazing people and have some great stories to tell! You will find that not only is it life changing for the people you are serving, but also for yourself!