End of the holiday party!

Last Friday, September 4th, Action in Africa held its usual End of the Holiday Party. The academic year in Uganda runs on the calendar year and is divided into three terms. In between each term a holiday break that lasts anywhere from 3-6 weeks. During this time is when The Center is the busiest. At the end of the holiday break the students then showcase all the they have learned throughout their holiday break. 

At the Holiday Party the kids performed dances, skits, and sang for a crowd between 400 and 500 people. Our very own Brenda hosted the event. It was kicked off with a song and dance by our Women to Women group and then followed by 20 or so performances from the children. A couple of the dances even featured our President, Sarah Nininger—her ballet solo was out of the ordinary for this event!

The event was held in the beautiful Prime Garden, a local outdoor venue. It was a nice spacious and clean location, and thanks to our partner at Prime Gardens, Sharif, we had multiple speakers set up for the music. We’re sure the loud music helped us draw in the big crowd. At one point, we were concerned about an incoming rain cloud, but thankfully, it passed over us and gave us some relief from the hot sun without a torrential downpour.

Besides the previously mentioned Brenda and Sharif, we had help from many other very important people. Uncle Jona was the director of the event and led the practices with the children during the weeks before the event. He was a classic hard-line music teacher. He wanted the students to perform with precision and confidence. If you didn’t know the choreography, you were pulled out of the performance. Our of our scholarship students, Shafik, was also a huge help in setting up all the electronic equipment, so a big thanks to him as well.

Sarah was able to pass out some information fliers about the programs we offer at The Center, our student Sumayya gave a wonderful speech about her love of the library, and Shafik and Brenda were also able to give speeches about the positive work Action in Africa does for the community. We are hoping more students will be brought to the Center after such a colorful event!