Monday Meet and Greet! - Darin Milanesio

Hello, supporters of Action in Africa. My name is Darin Milanesio and I arrived a The Center on September 2nd. Since then, I have written the last few blog posts, been helping with after school workshops, and I started a Pen Pal program at one of the local schools. I have also been helping with Book Reports and general homework tutoring here at The Center each evening. I will be here volunteering with Action in Africa until November 27th.

Sarah Nininger and I were college housemates while at Chapman University and that’s how I was introduced to Action in Africa. My degree is in Creative Writing and I thought I should try to put my degree to good use while also taking advantage of the opportunity to live in a foreign country. Action in Africa gave me the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone and I’ve found it to be an incredible experience so far. I couldn’t be any happier with my decision.


In my experience so far, I’ve found Ugandans to be very polite and well-mannered people. In fact, at a young age, the children are often scolded for having “bad manners” and to not be “stubborn” or “disturb” others. Even walking down the street here in the village, it amazes me that people do not bother me by trying to have me take a look at their shops. For anyone that has traveled extensively to other developing countries, you will know that being hounded by shopkeepers is a common thing. One cultural habit I find very pleasant is that Ugandans MUST give a greeting upon seeing you for the first time that day and ask how you are doing before a conversation continues about anything else.

I’ve already grown quite close with some of the kids at The Center. Soon I will introduce some of the kids through the blog and show off their awesome personalities.

Check out the blog every week to see what we are up to and the developments being made here at Action in Africa!