B E   B E L O N G   B E C O M E

After recognizing the lack of safe after school activities for kids in the village and the requests of parents to have adult education lessons, we decided to explore the possibility of opening a community center. In 2014 we officially opened “The Center,” a community facility that serves as a place for people in Nakuwadde to Be, Belong, and Become. The Center offers daily after school, creativity-based programming for kids in the village as well as weekly programs for adults.


The students we work with in Uganda are exceptional, and we hope to cultivate their talent with our guidance and resources. This must take place both inside and outside of the classroom. We offer a variety of after school creative workshops at The Center, including music, dance, storytelling, creative writing, painting, and craft making. These programs are designed to enhance the education of our students while tapping into their creativity and inspiring them to believe in themselves and their futures.



Every Friday morning, we have the pleasure of hosting a women’s support group called “Women to Women,” that now includes over 40 women from the Nakuwadde community.  We meet at The Center to take breakfast, share our highs and lows from the week, and provide support and encouragement for one another. In the past year, we have partnered with a number of other
organizations to host various workshops for the women designed to equip them with better health knowledge as well as business tools to become agents of change in their communities.