P R I M A R Y   P A R T N E R S H I P

Following the opening of The Center, we were approached by various schools and teachers from all over the village who hoped to use the space for their classes. This exciting opportunity has helped us forge partnerships with twelve different primary schools in the village. The program has grown considerably over the past year, and  teachers from our partner schools sign up to bring their classes to The Center. They use our classroom to host interactive, participatory sessions for their students, including debates, PE classes, arts and crafts, and storytelling. 

We recently used The Center to host a mixer between all of the Head Teachers and Directors of the local primary schools. It was refreshing to hear them share ideas as well as challenges that they face within their respective schools. We are looking forward to offering more opportunities for the schools to continue developing a sense of community. In January 2017, we will begin allocating three secondary scholarships to each of our partner primary schools for them to award to their top three primary graduates. It is our hope that The Center will continue to evolve into a space for the entire Nakuwadde community to tackle the challenge of providing effective and affordable education for their students. 

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