Past Staff


Sam Cressey

Country Director
June 2017- July 2019

“It has been an immense pleasure to be a part of the Action in Africa team for the past two years. I am very grateful for having been so welcomed into the Nakuwadde community, and to have been able to work alongside such incredible people. I will sincerely miss the bustling day to day activities of The Center and I have truly cherished my final staff meetings, noisy children’s music classes, and matooke meals. In the past two years, we have grown our team and our programs; transformed program evaluation systems; optimized internal operational procedures; and continuously worked together to operate the Center in an ethical, meaningful way.

Thank you to each staff member for letting me be a part of this story – I have learned so much from each one of you. Thank you for challenging me, for trusting me, and for riding along with me throughout this journey. Every day at The Center presented new challenges and unexpected curve balls, but together we handled them with grace, thriving in the beauty that no day is ever the same. Thank you for the kindness and friendship shown to me at every moment – it enabled me to be the most grounded and encouraged version of myself I have ever been. The myriad educators, activists, and leaders within this community are tireless and fight every day for a better future and a better world. They are a true inspiration.

As I move on to my next chapter at graduate school, I know I will often refer back to my time as part of this organization. How quickly two years have flown by. I wish Action in Africa all the best and cannot wait to follow all the success that lies ahead. I will greatly miss being a part of the everyday life of The Center, and can feel your support cheering me on as I begin this next adventure.” (8).gif

Alex Muwonge

Education Specialist
October 2018 - July 2019

“Having received a warm welcome when I stepped at Action in Africa made me feel at home and fit in easily well. The last 9 months at Action in Africa gave me an opportunity to mentor and speak into the lives of young people at high school. Listening to their stories of hope, pain, aspiration and dreams raised a higher calling in me to follow my passion of reaching out to them; the best I know how to see that they achieve what they are meant to be in life.

From developing and running self-discovery workshops to just one-on-one engagements, am thrilled by the feed-back about changed lives, many have shared there-after. I commend the work of empowerment of both youth and women that Action in Africa is doing in Nakuwadde Community.

My work at AIA and the life stories the young people have expressively shared, has propelled me to author a career development book, “Create Your Future.” that is meant to inspire and help these young people discover who they are and align their natural gifts and talents with their academics and future career disciplines.

As I transition to my next life assignment as a transformational speaker and mentor, I remain thankful to AIA for the time I have worked with them for being such a warm loving family.”

Mikayla Pellerin

Operations Assistant
January 2018 - July 2019

"Action in Africa was never just an organization I worked for, it was a family. To me, AIA was filled with role models, inspirational stories, incredible opportunities, and a beautifully overwhelming amount of love. From the variety of programs, to the impactful leaders, to the community members, I spent everyday working for AIA feeling fulfilled and purposeful. Visiting The Center in October, half way through my year of work with AIA, only further solidified my love and respect for the organization. Because when you witness in-person the impact of creative classes, women’s support groups, and community lead projects it leaves you with an incredible amount of pride. I am so proud of the work AIA does everyday, and I am honored to say I was a part of that.

Working directly with Sarah Nininger our Executive Director was incredibly fun, productive, and inspiring. She became more than just my boss, she became a role model for me. It is with a heavy heart that i’m transitioning out of my role as Operations Assistant, but my interest in environmental sustainability and road to graduate programs is what I feel I need to focus on at this time. I find a lot of comfort in knowing it is not truly goodbye, it is I look forward to reading every newsletter and staying in touch. Endless gratitude to all the staff at AIA who are positively impacting lives everyday, I will miss you all."