M U G A N D A   B R A C E L E T S

Jovia is a soft spoken curious 11 year old girl. She lives with her brother Jonathan, her sister Joanne, and her mother--"Mama Tendo." They share a small single bedroom home just outside the gates of the Action in Africa compound.

Jovia and her brother Jonathan have been in and out of school as their mother struggles to pay their demanding fees. For this reason, we decided to launch the Muganda campaign. Muganda, which means "siblings" in the local language, perfectly fits the Action in Africa mission to "educate, inspire, and empower" the youth of Uganda, as these two ambitious children have taken a proactive approach in their efforts to return to school.

Jovia and Jonathan are selling their very own handmade bracelets to cover the cost of their fees. Purchasing a Muganda bracelet will contribute to their educational fund, and other related academic endeavors, while helping aid in their goal of getting back into the classroom.