Dear Friends,

On behalf of the entire organization, it is my sincere pleasure to welcome you to Action in Africa, a remarkable nonprofit organization based in Uganda. At Action in Africa, we are committed to promoting community development while increasing the accessibility, affordability and quality of education in Uganda.

It is my honor to be at the forefront of this organization, but our phenomenal work would not be possible without the rest of our team.

Action in Africa employs a group of American and Uganda staff who are steadfast, resourceful, and eager to make a difference. Collectively, we dedicate ourselves to the organization and the cause in order to insure we are making the greatest impact. 

For the last eight years, Action in Africa has had the great privilege of undertaking innovative and unique educational and community development initiatives. These programs and projects are designed to cultivate the future leaders, innovators, educators, and entrepreneurs of Uganda.

We look forward to many more fruitful years, as there is still much work to be done. However, we cannot do it with out you. Become a part of our Action in Africa family and our story. Start a club, donate, collect art supplies, volunteer in Uganda! The opportunities are endless.

We hope you join us in our effort to continue promoting education and community development in Uganda.


Sarah Elizabeth Nininger